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Dreaming of a marvelous Moroccan rug to finish your space? Try kicking off your search here at Chairish. Our collection includes thousands of Moroccan rugs for sale. Whether you’re on the prowl for a Beni Ourain rug or a colorful Boucherouite, there’s no limit to what you can find within our collection. We make it our mission to curate the most beautiful Moroccan tribal rug designs, as well as a select edit of newly-made rugs that evoke authentic vintage spirit. Discover Beni Mguild rugs, perfect for draping over a sofa, or pink Boujad Morrocan rugs, ideal for energizing a nursery or a child’s playroom, especially when partnered with playful poufs and throw pillows. Browse large and small Moroccan rugs—and runners, too! With hundreds of new items being added daily, Chairish is your all-access pass to a virtual bazaar of fabulous Moroccan rugs!

Make Mine Moroccan. Shop an Exclusive Edit of Vintage Moroccan Rugs.

Our beyond-the-basics collection of Moroccan rugs is sourced from hundreds of vintage rug dealers located all over the globe. These dealers have been hand-selected for both their exquisite inventory and breadth of product. Have a question about a particular rug you’ve run across? Use our seller chat feature to send a direct message to the seller. Crave even more transparency? Use our Chairish Pink Book to see what similar Moroccan rugs have sold for in the past. Whether you have your eye on a vintage Azilal Morrocan rug or a newly-made Beni Ourain-inspired rug, you can easily pull up past sale prices to make your shopping experience easier than ever. Find a rug you love, but not convinced on the price? Use our “Make an Offer” feature to get your haggle on and see if you can strike a deal with the seller and score it for less than list!

Azilal Morrocan Rug

Originating in the tribes that popular the highest elevations of the Atlas Mountains, these show-stopping vintage rugs are most easily distinguished from other Moroccan carpets by their bright, white natural sheep’s wool adorned with colorful, free-hand-style patterns. Natural dyes derived from plants and berries result in Azilal rugs unique color combos, which include deeply saturated hues like indigo and orange, as well as splashy neon hues. Another indemnifying trait of Azilal rugs is their weave. Azilals are woven horizontally with a line of knots, which results in a dense, cotton-y white pile that runs from right to left. Spectacularly artistic, these vintage Moroccan rugs pack playful energy that makes them a fabulous foundation in a nursery or playroom.

Boujad Morrocan Rug

Those on the hunt for a pink Moroccan rug would be wise to add “Boujad Moroccan rug” to their list of go-to search terms. Ideal for enlivening a room, Boujad rugs are generally found in a melange of sunset-colored hues. Look for Boujad rugs in berry-stained hues ranging from peach to blush to deep magenta. Showcasing denser, blockier patterns than some other vintage berbers, like Azilal rugs, which have more line-focused motifs, many Boujad rugs have a patchwork-like effect, similar to a quilt. Their warm coloring makes Boujad rugs a fitting complement to modern, all-white furniture, as well as neutral, all-natural materials like wicker.

Beni Ourain Morrocan Rug

Arguably the most beloved of all the Moroccan rugs, Beni Ourain rugs possess an unmatched mutability thanks to their neutral palette and especially dense and downy wool (courtesy of high altitude-dwelling sheep herds). Whereas most Moroccan rugs skew maximalist, Beni Ourain rugs are marvelously minimalist. They typically feature a thick-woven white or cream-colored pile adorned with a simple black or brown crisscrossing diamond design. Thanks to their pared-down nature, Ben Ourain rugs have earned power status in many a designers’ playbook. Designers love to use a Ben Ourani in a modernist interior to achieve well-needed warmth. Architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright, for instance, padded his iconic Fallingwater home almost exclusively with Beni Ourains.

Beni Mguild Morrocan Rug

Ray and Charles Eames famously had a rust-colored Beni Mguild rug slung over the back of their sofa in their Pacific Palisades home. If that wasn’t enough of an endorsement, for this lesser-known Morrocan mat, Beni Mguild rugs are among the few vintage Moroccan rugs that are reversible. Because these particular rugs were designed to be used as sleeping mats in the mid-Atlas mountains where temperatures remained more stable, weavers interpreted the pile side of the rug as its back. When temperatures plummeted, the rug could be flipped to expose the cozier pile. Beni Mguild rugs are also unique in that weavers often left them to naturally fade in the sun, creating a gradient of shades as well as unique pastel hues. A bit of rug insider intel? Those in the market for a blue Morrocan rug should consider searching Beni Mguild rugs.

Boucherouite Morrocan Rug

While most Moroccan rugs date back centuries, the boucherouite rug emerged in the early 20th Century. Essentially a rag rug or scatter rug, boucherouite evolved out of Moroccans’ desire to protect their more valuable vintage rugs. Unlike other vintage Moroccan rugs, Boucherouites are not woven of wool but rather recycled textile scraps. These scraps can be a mix of any number of materials, including wool yarn, cotton clothing remnants, nylon, and Lurex. A hodge-podge of materials is what gives a Boucherouite its signature shag-like appearance. Checkerboard and diamond graphics are common motifs, but on the whole, boucherouites are delightfully abstract.

Questions & Answers

Do you carry tan moroccan rugs?
We have moroccan rugs in popular colors including tan, white, and beige.
How many vintage moroccan rugs does Chairish have in stock?
We have 3,400+ vintage moroccan rugs in stock.
What are some popular moroccan rug brands?
We have moroccan rugs from popular brands such as Berber Tribes of Morocco, Moroccan Artist, and Solo Rugs.
Which brand has the largest assortment of moroccan rugs at Chairish?
Berber Tribes of Morocco is our most popular moroccan rug brand, with 1,200+ items in stock.